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The only schools in the Southeast that specialize in Engineering & Energy Education. 

Students think critically and problem solve about America’s complex energy and technology challenges.

GREEN teachers meet students at their current achievement levels while focusing on individual student academic growth.

GREEN cultivates an interdisciplinary approach to teaching curriculum, character education, multicultural understanding, tolerance and respect.


I like the closeness of the school, having a smaller student body and staff. Knowing all of the staff and them knowing my child makes it so much easier to have him there every day. I am happy with the standards that are being set and the curriculum. Having home-schooled for one year, I have recognized the benefits of keeping my child in the set routine that school offers.The teachers make sure that I stay informed of lessons and any issues that may arise, so I never feel left out of the loop. (Kaela Weidenbach-Cameron)


Our family has been thrilled to be at Green Charter School of the Midlands since they opened in the 2017-2018 school year! Education is extremely important to us, and we wanted to find the best school to meet our children's academic needs, as well as satisfy their social needs. We wanted a school that would be engaging, where they would keep their love of learning alive. We wanted a school that would be challenging, where they would keep moving forward in their pursuit of knowledge. We wanted a school that would be accepting, where they could confidently express themselves for who they are. We wanted a school that would be diverse, where they could engage with people from all kinds of backgrounds. We wanted a school that would establish a community, where everyone realizes that what they do impacts others in big and small ways, and where everyone takes responsibility for their actions. That sounds like a tall order for a school to provide, and it is. Especially for a brand new school! Green Charter has met our children's needs, both academically and socially. We have high hopes and expectations for our kids, and we appreciate that Green Charter also has high hopes and expectations. My 3nd grader is excited to do her homework so she could show us what she has learned! My kindergartener is maturing before our eyes and his personality is starting to shine! They are learning and forming relationships in a safe environment that is smaller than the public school we are zoned for. We have been able to get to know the school staff and other
families through events the school has hosted, through home visits by the principal and my child's teacher, and through volunteering at the school. We know and trust the school staff and we trust that our children are in good hands.
What makes Green really stand out is their emphasis on the STEM fields and Sustainability. My
daughter's favorite class is "Project Lead the Way" with Ms. Newton. My kids have always been
curious and asked a lot of questions. Since being in this class, my daughter refers to herself as a "scientist." When she has a question that does not have an obvious answer, she will propose
experiments to try to determine what the answer is for herself. To me, that is the ultimate marker of success for lifelong achievement! (Tia Holtzclaw, Parent at GREEN Charter School of the Midlands)


Most students look at school as something to work through, or something to get done. Just more homework and more studying. But when you get good students that can excel with proper care and you get creative teachers that can help students grow and learn fast; amazing things can happen. On our campus we now have two excel classes for middle schoolers around my age, one for math and one for ELA. Some of my friends along with myself are students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades studying 1- 3 grade levels above what they’re supposed to, and also exceeding in most testing categories. But we are not doing this by ourselves, we have amazing teachers and staff of all kinds that help us to excel in
all subjects of school and each teacher has his or her own special way of teaching; from making homemade pinatas in Spanish class and foot powered bottle rockets in Science, to doing a teachers vs students volleyball game in PE and watching a funny but informative “flocabulary” video in Social Studies. But my favorite part about my school is that we’re small in numbers, so everyone knows everyone. There are days I can walk down the shortest hallway in my school and get at least two or three hugs and lots of smiles from students and teachers alike. The teachers are also very personal with every student. They know how each student learns best, and also how they can help everyone while making it fun and interesting. The teachers are also very open and honest which helps with making a trusting and safe environment in my opinion. I know I can always rely on my teachers to have a smile on their face and a fun activity when I walk into school. I love the feeling of having a purpose in a small community and having good friends to learn with and from. (Payton Markl from Green Charter of the Midlands)

Pioneering Energy Education in South Carolina.

Greenville Renewable Energy Education (GREEN) Charter School
will be an engaging and innovative community that educates
students in traditional subjects while integrating enriched math
and science curricula.

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GREEN Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boys Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding 504 and Title IX respectively: Wendy Ward and Katelin Spagnolo. For questions regarding the non-discrimination policies, please contact us at 864-288-4134

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