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Related Arts - Grade Level Goals

Physical Education

We live in a day and age where physical education doesn’t seem like a staple in daily life anymore. Here at GREEN, we strive to teach children the value of how being active impacts their health, social interaction, recreation, nutrition and more.

In P.E. we will do various units, including warm up exercises, yoga, flag football, archery, volleyball, basketball, paddles and rackets, kickball, baseball, softball and more! We will also partner with the American Heart Association on their Jump Rope For The Heart program that teaches students the importance of a healthy lifestyle, being kind, and supporting others through its activities and fundraisers.

With these various activities, students will learn things like balance and control, spatial awareness, locomotor skills, the ability to start and stop on signal, as well as to develop important life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation.

We will have fun throughout the year and help students to comprehend setting and achieving goals within each unit that we learn.


The primary goals are for our scholars to be creative and enthusiastic, to promote lifelong academic and social learning through an environment that celebrates students’ accomplishments and furthers the blossoming of a child’s imagination.
In the art room at Green Charter of the Midlands, we believe that each and every child has the potential to persevere and be successful. By engaging students in captivating lessons and using strategies that address each and every child’s learning style, The students will achieve creative and artistic success as well as academic success and build the self- confidence to continue taking risks during the learning process.
It is imminent to teach various genres and styles of art as well as students learning about history through art. They will learn about several different infamous artists’ histories, the environment and cultures they came from as well as learning about the unique techniques, styles and genres that made them forever memorable. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of each genre, and artistic style by creating their own work of art that shows these aspects. It is also important for students to learn the seven elements of art and be able to show these elements in their artwork as well as have the ability to understand the importance and discuss the way that each is used when creating.
Scholars are encouraged to stretch their understanding of the world around them, to gain empathy and understanding for the people that enter their lives, and to help make them successful students. It is eminent to motivate children to express their ideas through creativity and expressive communication; to emphasize their abilities to share stories of their hearts, their minds and their passions, and to encourage them to see their beauty, uniqueness and importance.
Our responsibility is to provide children with an environment directed by praise, respect and compassion. It is essential to model and guide children toward these attitudes, enabling the classroom to be a safe, comforting and friendly community. It is important to promote educational growth through an enthusiastic learning environment. Students must always be treated with respect and honored as individuals. These life lessons should be taught hand in hand with art and academics.

We believe that each and every child has the potential to persevere and be successful. By engaging students in captivating lessons and using strategies that address each and every child’s learning style, Students will achieve academic success and build the self- confidence to continue taking risks during the learning process. In our art class it is important to demonstrate a love of learning through the enthusiastic exchange of knowledge in the classroom, with the hope of developing lifelong learners.


Project Lead the Way is an exciting innovative, engaging, hands on class that focuses on areas in the STEM field. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students will be able to solve real world problems through the lens of a scientist or engineer. They do this by connecting life skills to the world of science. Throughout the year students will learn how to code, program, build robots, recycle, gardening, and explore with some science experiments.


Students learn the state curriculum for general music in grades K-8. Students at the elementary level learn how to recognize different musical ideas and words, different time periods and composers, and how to sing and play on pitched and non-pitched instruments.

In Kindergarten, students learn the basics such as high and low pitch, how to use our voice, how to sing basic songs, and how to play basic rhythmic patterns.

In First grade, we expand on the concepts learned in kindergarten. Students start to learn movement to music and how to write their own music.

In Second and Third grade, students learn more advanced melodies and work on the speaking parts for the spring production. Students work on learning the basics of reading music and work on more advanced improvisation and writing techniques.

In Fourth and Fifth grade, we start working with recorders. (I’m sorry parents!) Students learn how to read music in different time signatures and keys. Students play on pitched and non-pitched percussion, and learn advanced 2 part songs.

In Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grades, students learn general music topics including the people and history of music, musical terms, and basic note reading. Middle school students are also able to enroll in the after school band program where they can learn the basics of playing band instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and percussion (fees apply).

These are some of the basic concepts used in the music program. I’m proud to have a diverse program that works with students to include multiple cultures and help every student feel successful. Music is a place where students maintain and develop their creativity, explore musical concepts and learn through active participation. Students will be performing through-out the year at various events and a Spring Music expo.


Students can and will be able to communicate in Spanish, according to their grade level by reading, listening, writing and talking. Students will also work on research projects that will help them understand and emerge them into the Hispanic culture.

Learning targets:
●Recognize the sound of a few letters when they are spoken or spelled out. ●Say hello and goodbye. ●Count from 1-10. ●Say the date and the day of the week. ●List the months and seasons. ●Recognize some color words. ●Understand some numbers. ●Understand some food items. ●Identify some menu items. ●Recognize some Spanish Speaking Countries on a map. ●Recognize some Spanish Speaking Countries Culture activities. ●Tell someone my name. ●Sing short songs. ●Read short passages and interpret them ●State my name, age, and where I live. ●Give my phone number, home address, and e-mail address. ●Express likes and dislikes such as favorite food, sports, animals or freetime activities. ●List family members, their ages, their relationship to me, and what they like to do. ●Tell about my house.●Recognize the names of some parts of the body. ●Identify and use some verbs and actions ●Respond to some yes/no questions. ●Respond to some who, what, when, where questions.

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